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Connecting to the spirit world has always been part of my life. As a child, I communicated with spirit beings. I also realized that I could feel the physical and emotional pain of others.I was born into a family of psychic mediums. It wasn't something to be feared, but it also wasn't readily discussed due to the stigma of the that time period. 

In spiritual work, we tap into the energy of the living and the beings in spirit. I spent my life in the education of spiritual practices and learned how to blend my energy with both worlds to help connect the living with their deceased loved ones and ancestors. This blending also allows me to be a conduit for Spirit to reach individuals in this world to facilitate a deeper connection to their own guides and alleviate or heal the physical/emotional body from chronic medical conditions and chronic pain that hinders one’s quality of life. My relationship to Spirit has granted me the blessing of finding as much wellness and wholeness as possible and allowed me to maintain an active lifestyle after illness and numerous serious injuries. This awareness of the power of Spirit in our lives was solidified with an even deeper understanding after a near death experience when I died in a car accident. Clearly, I had to come back to this world for a little while longer, but while I was there, I felt fully and totally loved. I felt a sense of belonging that I've never known. It is real. It is pure love. It is there for all for us regardless of what we suffer in this lifetime.


About Holly

I was born with a skeletal birth defect that created chronic pain in multiple parts of my body. I had two serious spinal cord injuries leaving permanent damage and double digits of broken, fractured, or crushed bones throughout my body. I was also diagnosed with an immune system disorder on the heels of a significant, personal loss. Everything changed at that point. Even with all the work and awareness of the spirit world, I reached a dark night of the soul. Even with a strong faith and belief in the power of Spirit in our lives, I was at an all new low point. I questioned why I had to come back into this world after the bliss of the, 'Other Side'. I felt my life had been taken away from me and something had to change. I did the only thing I could do and that was to turn to the world of Spirit to love and heal me from all the pain and loss and yet again, Spirit did heal. 

I understand feeling physically and emotionally depleted. I understand living with constant pain. I also understand that allowing Spirit to lead the way healed my emotional wounds as well as much of  the physical allowing me to live in a meaningful way once again. All things are possible.