Psychic Medium 

Reiki Master

Shamanic & 

Metaphysical Practitioner

Healing takes many forms. When we grieve the loss of a loved one, experience chronic pain, or feel disconnected from our own lives, Spirit always knows how to heal our grief, salve our wounds, and bring peace and wellness.

In my work, I am led by Spirit to bring healing to those in need. It may come in the form of connecting the living with deceased loved ones or psychically exploring the roots of physical and emotional pain to understand and heal the spiritual origins of the condition. By reclaiming our status as beings of light and children of the divine, we heal our bodies and hearts.

We are all surrounded by our own spirit guides, guardians, and loved ones. Sometimes, we simply need a little help reaching out to them. It is my honor to build that bridge between the seen and the unseen.

Disclaimer: All readings and services rendered do not replace the care of a qualified medical or psychological practitioner.

©2016 Holly McCullough

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